Success is only a decision. If you believe that you can succeed and decide to work hard towards it, there are greater chances that you will become very successful. The bible says, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

We live in a society that tries to convince us to think that we cannot make it.  They tell you that, with the type of leaders we have in our government there is absolutely no how you can make it. They tell you that, because you don’t have enough connection up there, there is no way you’ll succeed. They tell you that, because you don’t have enough money, there’s no way you’ll make it.

Even when you dare to stick out your neck to try, they are still there to give you a thousand and one reasons why you cannot succeed. The most unfortunate aspect of it is that, so many of us seem to have accepted these lies as the truth. And what this has done to us is that, we now live with so many “I can’t” and very few “I can.” I can’t do business, I can’t recruit, I can’t retail, I can’t produce, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t! What then can you do?

There is no doubt that Nigerians are very hard working but believe you me; we have more people here with very limited skills. That is the reason why our civil service has remained so unproductive. That is why we import almost everything. Recently the Minister of Agriculture Chief Audu Ogbe was quoted as saying that soon Nigeria will be importing grass from Brazil.

You will organize personal development / business seminars here in Nigeria and people will not attend perhaps because of the token fee. Ironically, even when such seminars are free people will still not attend. What everybody is interested in is the shortcut to riches. That is why the battle against corruption may be very difficult to win. This is because everything, about our lifestyle in Nigeria is fraud and corruption.

I was in a bus this morning from Ojota to Ogba and at every bus stop that the bus stops to drop or pick passengers, some stern looking young men will always show up to collect some amount of money from the driver. After we had passed 3 bus stops, an elderly man probably in his 60s who I believed is not a Nigerian asked me, “excuse me, these people that collects money at every bus stop from the bus conductor, what do they do? Do they use the money to maintain the roads?” I replied him, “sir, I don’t know, may be the driver will know better.”

That is our story in Nigeria. We talk more about fruits than about seed. And without sowing the right seed, you can’t harvest the right fruit.

The effects are already telling on us. Inflation rate has surged to as high as 11.4%. The exchange rate of the naira against top world currencies has remained very uncertain; fluctuating at points which adversely affect us in any international transaction. Unemployment rate has continuously been on the increase. Yet, we seem not to have learnt any lesson. We still get stuck to our “I can’t, I can’t” attitude.

Listen, my good friend, there is no problem without a solution. All you need is to open up your mind to new ideas, new skills and new opportunities. Everyday new things are happening around us creating opportunities for us to achieve a better life. Do not continue to be living in ignorance.

I may not know the kind of life goals that you've set for yourself; I also may not know the steps that you've been taken or perhaps you are just waiting for things to get better before you start? At this event you will learn something important that could assist you greatly to achieve your goals so easily this year. No knowledge is a waste. Remember this, it is not what you know hinders you rather; it is what you don’t know.

There is so much you can do if only you can believe.

God bless you.

Godwin Elue

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