This is the best time for PLAN B. What economic fact sheets are saying about Nigeria is not funny; the government is also proposing  GSM Tax, fuel price may be adjusted upwards, prices of goods & services are still on the rise, more job cuts, inflation has deflated salaries, etc. But, there is something that you can do to reposition yourself on the positive side of the problem.

There are business opportunities that are recession proof meaning you make more money now. Just imagine someone that produce and sell ammunitions, he makes more money during periods of war. So also there are business opportunities that gives you more profit during periods of economic recession.

With as low as N49,000 you can start your own and if you are serious, within the next 60days you will be making over N435,000 monthly. Please note, you are not paying the money to anybody, N49,000 is just your start-up capital. All you need to know is the business idea and learn the skill of how it works. The bible says, skill will bring success. 

I don't want lazy people or those searching for easy money which they didn't work for; I am looking for entrepreneurs with big dreams, determined and hard working. The business is 100% Risk Free which means, the worst thing that can happen is that, you'll get your N49k back. 

So, do you have your N49,000 and you want to know how the business works? Send your name, phone # and location to me now on: 08033291724. Please note, the business is for CHILDREN OF GOD ONLY.