Are you unemployed or underemployed and you are finding it difficult getting a good job? Have you lost your job or business and things are just getting tough for you? Are you planning for retirement or you are retired already and desperately need an alternative income to complement? Or the income from your current job/business is no longer enough to take care of your monthly expenses?

Considering the prevailing economic crises in the country, it is possible that you are desperately searching for opportunities that could be bringing more money to you? 

Permit me to share with you one simple and lucrative business opportunity that you can start with less than US$130 (N60, 000) and you could be making amazing income monthly. Take note that, I am not promising you millions overnight from this business opportunity but it is a business that you can determine how much income you could be earning monthly.

The criteria for determining a suitable business opportunity include:
ü  Something that you can do very well and also love doing
ü  Something that other people need as a solution to their problem
ü  Something that can generate enough money to cover all your expenses and also make you to earn some profit
ü  Something that you can be able to raise the money needed to start

There is one business opportunity that meets these criteria but it is a pity that many people still do not know anything about it. I have written so much about Max International's products but I want you to know that Max International’s products does not only give you better health but also better finances.

Max International’s business opportunity aims to solve two (2) major problems: 
·         Declining Health and 
·         Global Financial Crises. 

In business, no matter how wonderful your idea, if there is no substantial demand for the product, the business will likely die. But, Max International’s Glutathione enhancement products has unlimited demands. 

Every day our body creates about 40billion new cells and every single one of them needs glutathione to survive. Apart from oxygen, food and water, glutathione is the next essential compound you need to be healthy and stay alive. It is our body's most powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. In fact, almost every disease you can think of is associated with low glutathione - diabetes, stroke, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, etc.

The bad news is that, once you are above 21 years of age, your glutathione level starts to decline and another big challenge is that, it is very difficult to raise our glutathione level. This is because; glutathione is something that cannot be produced outside the body. It is not like your medications that you can buy from the pharmaceutical shop. 

This is where Max International’s RiboCeine technology comes to play. Backed by 25years of Research Study, over 20 Peer-reviewed clinical studies, 38 Patents and patents pending, Riboceine has proven to be 300% more effective than the best alternative in raising glutathione levels. 

Riboceine is not glutathione per se, but it provides our body with the necessary precursor or ingredients needed to produce its own glutathione. The company has two major products in Nigeria - Cellgevity & Max ATP. 

By partnering with Max International as a Sales Associate, you stand the chance of benefiting from this amazing scientific breakthrough. This gives you access to better health and also take control of your finances.