Today, many things are happening in our country but it is a pity that so many Nigerians do not know about them. You won’t hear it from my mouth, like Jesus will say, “He who has ear let him hear”.

But, pleas, before you skip to the next post, let me ask you, how market? Ah, forgive me; I didn’t know that you are not into buying and selling. Anyway, how are you enjoying the economic recession? I heard from the news this morning that the honourable minister of Finance, Aunty Kemi Adeosun said that  Nigeria is coming out of recession. Is it true?

In her words, “Nigeria is coming out of recession; we are beginning to see the signs and we will come out to become stronger.” Thank Godooooo. At least, we can now begin to talk about the Nigerian economy without adding the recession.

But wait, Baba Audu Ogbe is scaring me; why is he saying that the federal government is disturbed over high cost of local rice in the country, which according to him is now above the price of imported rice? May God have mercy. I am afraid because, on October 10, 2016 (just some months ago) this Baba told Nigerians that by the end of November, 2016 the price of rice will crash.

Now, I don’t know how to believe Aunty Kemi again; if we are coming out of recession and the price of local goods and services are rising above the imported ones……, abeg what do they call that in economics?

For me, I think I’d rather follow the submission of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who said, “We must begin to prepare today, we must speak out on what we must do as Nigerians to construct a better future and life for all.  Our successes and failures belong to all of us. This is not the time or place to apportion blames instead a time for retrospection and problem solving.”

According to Ahmed Tinubu, “Our politics has been directed to wrong things as a result of this; our economy has gone so bad. We cannot fool ourselves with promise that the prices of oil will rebound and things will return to normal.  We must fashion a new economy in the face of the present recession. The end of recession does not translate to beginning of prosperity.’’

In his words again, “We must fashion a new economy in the face of the present recession. The end of recession does not translate to beginning of prosperity.’’ In simple economic terms, I can aptly summarize what Bola Tinubu said as follows:
1.     Don’t let anybody deceive you, the end of recession is not end the of poverty or beginning of prosperity.
2.     You cannot wait for the government to change your personal economy, it’s your responsibility.
3.     Depending on a single source of income might keep weighing you down in recession; creating multiple sources of income is a survival imperative.

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