Today, by God’s grace I see myself as a success. By profession I am a Credit Controller Manager, a position that I have occupied for over 3years now. When I first joined the organization I work for, their total receivables (debtor’s accounts) amounted to over Two Hundred Million Naira. The organization was already in deep financial mess, yet had so much outside. It was so unfortunate.

One of the first areas that I had to tackle was the aspect of policy formulation. This was because the organization was so much interested in generating more sales without a guiding credit policy, so; marketers had all the freedom to negotiate terms of sales and credit. And, sure you know that the average marketer is more interested in their commissions.

It was a hard fight, but thank God that today everybody is now smiling. Our present total debt profile had been reduced to below Twenty Three Million from over Two Hundred Million naira.

But, it is not this success that is actually my greatest motivation at the moment. I have just discovered a business opportunity which as at today tends to humiliate some of the fundamental theories of investment that I had leant in school.

Before now I use to believe that there is a direct relationship between risk and returns – the higher the risk, the higher the returns and vice versa. But the Max International Business Opportunity seem to nullify this because, it is a business that gives incredible returns yet with zero risk.

That is exactly why as a Credit Control Manager, I strongly believe that this is a viable business opportunity that is most ideal during a period of recession. Highly risky ventures are not very advisable during periods of recession because most times, when things go bad, the chances of you bouncing back are always so remote. And that is why the rate of suicides tends to be so high during hard times, we are experiencing now.

1.     Returns on Investment: This is the first and the most important factor that you must consider when evaluating any business opportunity. Returns on investment measures the ability of the business to cover or bring back all the money invested into the business. No matter how passionate you are about any business opportunity, if the venture cannot replenish the amount invested into it soon you will run out of cash and the business will die.

Investors usually prefer business opportunities with higher rates of return on investment. The Max International Business Opportunity is one investment that I discovered to yield about 122% Returns on investment. It’s a business that you can start with as low as Fifty Nine Thousand Naira (N59, 000) and make Seventy Two Thousand Naira (N72, 000). Not many people know about this; and that may include you too. The first time I heard about it, I judged it to be one of those ponzi schemes; because of my experience as a risk manager. But later, I had to sit down to evaluate the opportunity properly and what I discovered blew my mind away.

Now, here are some of the things that make the Max International’s Business Opportunity unique and even the best investment in a time of recession:
a.      TAKES CARE OF YOUR IMMEDIATE NEEDS: The Max International Business Opportunity give you the chance of earning a substantial profit that could be enough to handle your immediate needs like food, paying of matured bills, recharge cards, etc.
b.     HELPS YOU TO BUILD RESIDUAL INCOME: Many people today are toiling so hard to make as much money as possible, yet, what they make cannot still be able to settle their immediate needs. They spend the greater part of their youthful years working for daily bread without any plan for the future. No sooner they retire than they began to live in want. But the Max Business Opportunity offers you the opportunity to live the best kind of life even after retirement by continuously rewarding you for your past efforts. Sound unbelievable? But, it’s just the truth.
c.      YOU DETERMINE HOW MUCH YOU EARN: The Max International Business Opportunity offers you the chance of determining how much you could earn and when – weekly or monthly. This is quite unlike what happens in other investments like shares or paid employment.

2.     Risk: Another second factor that you must consider before investing is the risk factor in the business. Like I usually explain to my clients, risk measures how much you could stand to lose in case the business did not go as you anticipated. A business is rated too risky if you stand to lose a greater part or all of your investment in the venture. Again, the Max International Business Opportunity is risk free business; in fact, the worst scenario is that you will get back exactly what you put it. The minimum investment is Fifty Nine Thousand Naira and that is the lowest you can get in the event that the business fails.

3.     THE DEMAND OF THEIR PRODUCT IS INELASTIC: Max International’s product offering will continue to enjoy great demand irrespective of the price or economic condition. Being healthy is a basic goal and people could sell their assets to buy health. And interestingly, Max International has a breakthrough medical technology that everybody needs – whether rich or poor. Secondly, no other company, all over the world has such breakthrough product, at least for now so, the company will still continue to enjoy that advantage.   

As I conclude this piece, let me remind you about Warren Buffett’s, two rules of investing: Rule 1: Never lose money. Rule 2: Never forget rule 1. So many people out there are so scared of investing perhaps because of some losses or mistakes of the past. But, the truth is that, over 90% of them never followed the rules. That is why at Max International, the company is consistently concerned with teaching you the basic rules and equipping you with relevant skills to succeed.

Please take time to listen to this video presentation explaining the business opportunity: