According to Cobus Oosthuizen observed that entrepreneurial instinct is a seed that lies dormant in all humans. For some, from a very young age they are hungry and eager to follow their instinct by starting a business and working on it until they succeed, irrespective of the odds.

On the other hand, there are many people who are earnestly yearning to start up their personal business but they are being held back by factors such as no money, no time, fear of risk, inability to decide on the best type of business to invest, etc.

It is increasingly becoming obvious that the era of job availability and security is over. Daily, more and more job losses occur and the unemployment rate has continued to rise.

Perhaps you are wondering if it is really possible to start a business in Nigeria without money. Listen, it is very possible. Your biggest limitation in life is what you don’t know, not what you don’t have. “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse” - Jim Rohn. So, if you truly want to start your own business but you don’t have money, the following tips that I am about to share with you here will be of great help to you.

Hint #1: FIND A MARKETABLE IDEA: Every successful business enterprise exists to solve a problem. When you desire to start up your own business, the first place that you must focus your mind is the particular problem that you want to solve through your business. In fact the only reason why people will be willing to pay for the products or services offered by your business is the solution that they expect to get by consuming your products or services.

A marketable idea is a solution that a significantly large number of people need and they are willing and capable of paying for it. Not every idea for a business - whether it is a product, service or selling - is considered marketable.

A marketable business idea must solve people’s problems, it must be affordable, the population of the market (users) must be large enough to guarantee continuous sales, it must be cost effective, and it must have competitive edge.

Generating a marketable idea is the most important stage in setting up a business because, if a business idea is unmarketable, no matter how much money you inject into it, the business will surely fail.

Do you desire to start your own business but you are yet to find a marketable idea? I have some powerful ideas that you can even start with very little or no capital.

Hint #2: FIND SOMETHING YOU CAN BE DOING ON PART-TIME BASIS:  When you are planning to start your business but there is no money, the next option is to find business ideas that you can be doing on part time basis while still keeping your job. Having a regular income from your job will help protect your new business until it starts generating revenue. This will also give you time to learn the ropes and handle those mistakes usually associated with start-ups. Through the use of the social media there are several part-time business ideas that can pay you more than double what your regular jobs pays monthly.

Hint #3: THINK OF A BUSINESS IDEA THAT YOU CAN DO BY YOURSELF:  Finding a business idea that you can do by yourself without employees is one way of overcoming the problem of no money in starting a business. This will save you the cost of salaries and wages which can be ploughed back into the business.

Hint #4: GO FOR A BUSINESS THAT YOU CAN DO FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME:  There are a thousand and one businesses that you can do without having to rent an office space. With the use of social media such as facebook, linkedin, google+ and whatsapp, you can conveniently run a multi-million dollar business from the comfort of your home.

Hint #5: NETWORK WITH PEOPLE: One key factor that will determine your success in any business is the quality of the people that you know and the people that know you. When you don’t have money to start your business, it’s essential you find the right people to partner with. Networking gives you the advantage of leveraging from the skills, resources and support of others.

With the prevailing economic condition in the country today, there is no better time to consider starting your own personal business than now. Depending solely on monthly pay cheque that comes 12 times only in 365 days means that you will always be broke.  Besides, one day you will surely retire so if you do not start now to build a residual income that can continue to support you after retirement you may face some financial challenges in future. Do not forget that as you grow older your daily expenses will continue to increase and a time will come when you will not be able to work again so, you can’t afford to continue procrastinating.

But let me caution you here, do not allow the desire for more money to lure you into get-rich-quick schemes that are rampant now. Remember that every business organization exists to solve a problem, so if someone shares a business idea that offers captivating financial returns, take time to find out the particular problem that their product or service solves. So many people today have become skeptical to invest in new business ideas because of their past experience from some ponzi scheme or get-rich-quick schemes.

Based on my experiences of over 12 years, I have discovered several simple but lucrative business ideas that you can start with little or no money. By God’s grace I am a living testimony and I have also helped several persons to build their personal business from scratch and grow into big organization.

Do you desire to start your own small business but –

ü There is no money?
ü You are yet to find a viable business idea?
ü Lack of time is your problem?
ü You are afraid of risk?
ü etc    

If any or all of the above are the obstacles stopping you from starting your own business then there is good news for you. I have a business opportunity that is just perfect for you. The product is something that everyone needs, irrespective of status; besides, it’s something you can start with a very limited amount of money, it’s 100% risk free (you lose nothing), you can do it at your leisure time, you do not need an office space, no overheads and most importantly the returns are predictable (unlike cryptocurecny and forex trading).

Please permit me to remind you here that there is no elevator to success; success in business is only achieved through a step by step approach. I have this business opportunity well documented and packaged with a step-by step guide on how you can start. If you are interested send your full names, whatsapp number or email address to:

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